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Even with all the instabilities with the economy, online business continues to flourish thanks to digital assets.

Normal people are becoming entrepreneurs everyday by sharing their talents and passions with the world by learning how to create digital products for their own businesses.

Digital products have become so mainstream that most professional speakers, bloggers, and other entrepreneurs have jumped on this profit trend to help build and grow their businesses.

Name a top influencer you follow who hasn’t released premium digital content in the form of guides, ebooks, audios, or videos – you probably can’t!

But when it comes to building your own products, there’s so much dated information out there about how to get started. (Just look for yourself!)

Also, digital products and courses can be a huge challenge for most entrepreneurs and people looking to start a business.

Talk of large investments of time, while dealing with the risks of failing to produce a quality product or not understanding how to market the finished product; can all scare off would-be content producers who would otherwise be building their product right now.

And that’s exactly why Eben Pagan created his new 2018 course Digital U; a 90-day boot camp taught in real-time to bring you from ideas to profits through the creation and sale of your own digital products and courses.

What is Digital U?


Digital U Course with Eben Pagan

Digital U is the culmination of the BEST of what Eben Pagan has provided for his clients and students over the years.

The new 90-day training program will teach you how to create an online course or digital product, and how to use that new asset to grow or build a successful business in today’s economy.

Students learn powerful approaches that make creating ideas and profiting from high-quality online products a fun process.

Much like “Digital Product Blueprint”, you’ll benefit from 90 days of step-by-step exercises and tools, each with an in-depth training lesson and video tutorial – but revamped with the latest techniques that work in 2019 and beyond.

Depending on when you get started, you’ll either be taught directly from Eben daily starting after Nov. 13th of this year in a webinar-like setting – or – if you join during or after the first 90 days you’ll have access to the course recordings.

As a student, you’ll identify how to turn your passion, knowledge or experience into a high-quality digital product you can market online to boost your brand and bring in profits. On top of that, you are really creating an unlimited income potential as there are always opportunities to tweak and re-promote your product or course to increase your future earnings.

Once you master how to build your digital product, the sky is really the limit. With your own successfully online business and the complete freedom that comes with it, nothing stops you from going through the process again to build a new product or business.

But you just know this isn’t a “magic bullet”, you still have to put in the work of completing the course and taking action every step along the way.

Digital U is not an ‘easy money’ approach like a lot of scams you might have read about or been targeted by. Digital U is all about YOU, profiting from your own life experiences by leveraging your current talents and expertise to build a product asset to sell to your customers.

And don’t be scared that you don’t have a talent or expertise to share. Part of your Digital U training is identifying your niche expertise so you are certain to find a product idea that you can build into profits.

You’ll also cover marketing your product, so don’t let that stop you either.

Lastly, Eben’s products have great money-back guarantees and awesome customer service support, which really helps reduce the risk of getting started with the Digital U course.

Checkout our review here, and leave a comment about your experience with the course or any questions you might have.

Who Is Eben Pagan?

Eben Pagan

Eben Pagan is one of the most well-known and respected entrepreneur educators in the internet marketing space. Eben has built over 10 businesses to the million-dollar level, and has taught many “big names” how to do the same.

His background was in real estate, but got his big break online with his first ebook “Double Your Dating” authored under the pseudonym “David DeAngelo. But his influence and focus has changed and skyrocketed since then.

You are more likely to hear about Eben teaching high-level CEOs and other business individuals on how to increase their productivity than you are about their dating.

Eben has become a world renowned growth leader in areas of business education, specifically how to create maximum wealth for individuals and their families through creation and marketing of digital products.

What Else Has He Done?

Some other top-selling courses Eben has created:

  1. Identifying profitable niches with the “Digital Product Blueprint” course from a few years ago, where students learned how to create successful ‘niche’ online products.
  2. And the “Virtual Coach” program, which is a 10-week training targeted at teaching entrepreneurs how to live their perfect dream lifestyle.

Not to mention some of his classic courses like “Turn Your Talent Into Income”, “How to Be an Entrepreneur” and “Wake Up Productive”.

The Wake Up Productive course alone can be a life changing experience, teaching you how to organize your thoughts, emotions, and actions into the energy needed to get the most important things in your life DONE. And it helps with things like mastering daily habits and bringing action to your plans to improve every area of your life.

Most people, call the Wake Up Productive course “beyond traditional” because it focuses on helping you recognize the most significant activities in your life, while you remove the blocks that keep you from doing them.

So Digital U is only the newest course in a long line of valuable content Eben has provided to his students and the internet marking community.

Who Has He Helped?

Its quite possible that you are already familiar with some of Eben’s top students, if not here’s what some of them are saying about their experience with Eben:

Nick Unsworth

Nick Unsworth

Author, Business Coach, Founder of Life on Fire.com http://nickunsworth.com/

Nick is an internationally known speaker, author, business coach, and Facebook marketing expert. He is now frequently one of the top rated speakers at major conferences around the world. Typically, he speaks in front of crowds of up to 1,500 per event.

Nick sold his first business by the age of 30. Here’s what he said about Eben Pagan:

“Eben brought me from a wandering entrepreneur ($50k in debt) to launching a business that I ultimately sold for $550,000 within 2 years.”

Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard

Author and Entrepreneur https://mikedillard.com/

Mike is a father, successful entrepreneur, investor, author, and self-proclaimed Freedom Fighter. His passion is to help people discover and achieve their greatest dreams in life. And he’s helped scores of people do just that. Here’s what Mike said about Eben:

“Finding Eben was a moment that literally changed my life. Personally, and professionally, I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without him.”

Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder

Founder of MeetEdgar.com & RoPig.com | https://lauraroeder.com/

An entrepreneur since the age of 22, creator of the social media automation tool MeetEdgar.com, with a weekly newsletter following of over 100,000 readers – said this about Eben:

“Eben Pagan is a business visionary whose teaching allowed me to skip over about 10 years of mistakes that I would have made on my own! I don’t know anyone as masterful at combining marketing, psychology and strategy.”

Christian Mickelsen

Christian Mickelsen

Authority in Personal Development and Personal Coaching https://christianmickelsen.com/

Author and owner of a multi-million dollar coaching business featured on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies 3 years in a row, Christian is a pioneering personal coach who said this about Eben:

“Since first studying with Eben I’ve grown my business more than 10 fold all while working part-time and putting millions of profits into my bank account.”

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo

Life Coach, Speaker, Author and host of Marie TV https://www.marieforleo.com/

Marie began her online career by building a coaching business from scratch between part-time jobs. Later coined her own self-expressive term “Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur” due to her style of not fitting into a “conventional box”.

Marie said about Eben:

“I consider Eben one of my earliest marketing mentors and I’ve learned so much from him. I’ll never forget how much he’s taught me about growing an online business and I’m forever grateful.”

Alex Allman

Alex Allman

Relationship Expert & Author https://alexallman.life/

Creator of best-selling books and courses focused on creating passionate relationships for couples and exciting their sexual connection. His content and training have helped more than 10 million people around the world find deeper passion and intimacy in their relationships.

“How did I go from zero to millions doing what I love? The same way so many other folks did, many of them good friends of mine: Eben Pagan.”

A Life-Changing Opportunity

You’ll find all kinds of free help when you research creating your own information products.

But not many of those free guides are backed by such a huge reputation as Eben Pagan’s. Plus with his money back guarantee it’s really a no-brainer to go to a top-source like the Digital U course.

There’s a huge market out there waiting to learn from your expertise, but do you know how to carefully plan, execute, and capture that market? I can guarantee Eben knows how, and Digital U will show what’s working now in today’s markets.

Once you join, you’ll immediately be met by a life-changing opportunity that will urge you to reach for your dreams in life and business.

And it’s all possible through creating an awesome digital product, and sharing your passions and expertise with the world.


– Bret (more about me)

Let me know what kind of digital product YOU want to create in the comments below!




  1. Jessica Lauren Vine

    Eben Pagan is amazing. A few years back, I found his Wake Up Productive videos on YouTube. They were super helpful and they were the free ones. lol I would totally go with anything that Eben has created. He’s a pro and knows exactly what he is doing in the online marketing space.

    • Agreed Jessica!

      This guy is a rock star. I’ve actually never had the opportunity to get into his “Wake Up Productive” course, but one of my mentors would talk about it a few years ago. At the time that mentor was earning about million dollars a MONTH (which was shocking in itself).

      But just the fact that he could tell me the Eben Pagan radically changed his productivity with that course really grabbed my attention.

  2. There are so many great digital products that can be created and it would be great to know how to distribute them.  This looks like a great way to learn about building up a digital product.  There are a  lot of iffy programs out there so it is nice to find a promising review.  I would suggest to people to always do their homework and it looks like you did a lot of it for us already.  Thank you for putting in the time.

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