Welcome to Digital U Review. I’m Bret, and I operate this website.

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This site is all about reviewing Eben Pagan’s new 2018 course Digital U.

If you’re like me, you see all kinds of new information products coming out all the time. It’s hard to know what to trust and what is probably closer to a scam. The purpose of this site is to teach you about Eben Pagan and help you evaluate if Digital U is the right course for you for building or growing you business.

It’s got a decent price tag at around $1,997!

So I hope my review helps you gauge if Eben’s new course is the right next step for you!


My Experience With Online Courses

Just so you know that I “walk the walk” and don’t just “talk the talk”…

I’ve probably spent close to or over $100,000 on personal development and online/offline marketing courses in my career.

I’ve bought TERRIBLE programs and courses before that have steered me WAY off track from meeting my personal and professional goals.

But I’ve also found some REALLY amazing courses and training that have absolutely changed my life.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to “rub elbows” with mentors who have absolutely dominated the internet marketing space. I’m talking like people, one in particular, who was earning close to a million dollars when I met him…

And that was per month.

Now… that’s truly amazing. But I’m not sharing that with you, because I’m making that kind of money. And not to impress you, but instead to impress upon you that of all the big mentors in my life… there are ONLY a few common threads among the BEST of the BEST:

1. They were teaching through their own digital products and courses.

2. They had a testimonial about Eben Pagan, or what Eben Pagan’s course did for their life or business.

That’s really amazing when you think about it.

Are you in the position to get started on your own digital product or course? Are you ready to turn your ideas and your talents into profits?

If so, you can’t go wrong with Eben Pagan and Digital U.


Avoid My Mistakes Buying Training Courses

I want to help you make the best decision you can in regard to your unique situation and background when looking at purchasing the new Digital U course.

If you’ve watched any intro videos, or attended any webinars – congratulations!

You stopped yourself from buying immediately and sought 3rd party reviews, and did your own research about whether this course will be right for you.

Getting caught up in the buying process is a hard habit to break. Many online products and courses are created by EXPERT marketers who know just how to “push your buttons” and get you to buy their products. Even if it might not be the best step for you at your current place in your career or your life.

A few things you should ask yourself before you buy any online training course:

1. Do I have the time to invest in this course, or am I willing to make time?

The primary job of the content seller is to help you decide that “YES”, you do have time or will make time to start and complete the training course they want you to buy immediately.

You need to be extremely honest with yourself here, will you put in the hard work to be successful with this program?

2. Did you have ANY prior interest in doing ANYTHING like what the training teaches?

One of the ways you can “check yourself” quick if this product is right for you, is to stop and see if you are interested in this product because:

(a) It’s going to help you with a legitimate problem you are currently facing in your life or career, or you had a prior interest in learning about what the product teaches.


(b) Did something like the income claims of the marketer selling the product, or the apparent ‘ease’ of being successful with course material convince you that you want to ‘try it’, or that it will be easy to be really successful very quickly – or that a successful end result is guaranteed.

If your answer is (b), watch out!

Most of these programs require absolute attention and perseverance – and honestly some of it might be really hard to complete. The attitude that you are just “trying it out”, probably means you aren’t ready to succeed (at that specific course), so you probably want to move on from that product – and not waste your time.

Still interested learning something new to benefit your life or your career? There are TONS of great courses out there that will be perfect to boast your performance and give you what you need in THIS season of your life/career.

Having problems finding what you need? Just leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to help you out!


Ready To Start Your Digital U Training?

If you read this far and you know you can answer the questions above affirmatively. Eben’s “Digital U” 90-day training course is probably for you, I say go for it!

You won’t be disappointed!

Need more information? Be sure to checkout the review on the homepage of this site, or ask any questions in the comments below.

But whatever you do, take action because that’s what really brings about success in your business and life!

To your massive success,

Founder of DigitalUReview.com

  1. Ok so I was interested to learn more about the Digital U, and visited the homepage and there was nothing there. I wanted to find out the components of a course that is worth almost $2 000. My curiosity kinda heightened but too bad I couldn’t find any information to satisfy my curiosity. Could you please elaborate on Digital U?


    • Absolutely Nsoh. Sorry about that. You were looking in the right place!

      The review WILL be here soon: https://digitalureview.com

      Since the course is BRAND NEW, I’ve been in contact with the company’s product launch manager to get the official details to give you the most accurate review possible.

      What I can tell you right now is that it will be a rebrand of the his DPB course from 4 years ago, which goes for the same price.

      BUT you’ll want to wait for this one if you are interested because it will be updated for what’s working in 2018 into 2019 and taught in real-time (instead of recorded 4 years ago).

      Again, look here https://digitalureview.com around the 25th for the official review release!

  2. I have heard about Eben’s Digital U course, but didn’t find a valuable review until reading this one. Your question “Do I have the time to invest in this course, or am I willing to make time” is the perfect question to ask, as many of us see the end goal and not the time needed to make it work. I answered ‘a’ in your second question, so I think this product falls in line with what I am looking for. The price tag is a bit scary, but the end goal can counter that. I know it is a bit of a slow grind, but I think after reading your review I have made my decision !

    • Hey CravenATAT (haha I love that username, btw)

      What’s awesome about this new course and all of Eben’s courses is that he give money-back guarantees. He hasn’t officially released the details for this new course, but rest assured it will significantly reduce your risk.

      Be on the look out for my official review here: https://digitalureview.com that should be done in the next few days, and prior to the official launch date of the course.

      Glad you found that helpful.

  3. Your question hit home with me, “Do I have the time to invest in this course, or am I willing to make time”. You are point on with this question as it is one that we all that enter might answer yes, not knowing what we are really saying yes too or for.  I see timing as one of my responses while still being skeptical about the unknown journey ahead. 

    Many of the sites have even figured was to justify your joining in while you try to figure out just what it is you have signed up to do.  Cost is one of the biggest decisions in most of them, being a large scary part regardless.

    When you start focusing on the outcome of others people life’s and not your own is when your life will start to matter and you are doing just that by allowing other to read facts from your journey, your input on that path and offering your suggestions on how we might make a better decision, slowing the jump in process.

    Upon reading your review, you have given me additional brick to build a wall for approaching future courses.

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