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Still Not Sure About Digital U?

If you are still on the fence, make sure to keep reading the rest of the review material below.

If I convinced you, Digital U is not for you…

Even though I highly recommend Digital U for people who want to build their own product – that might not REALLY be you. And I understand that this might not be the right product or course for you at this time in your life and business.

That’s fine! And I’m glad you figured that out!

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Hey it’s Bret!

This course is the new 2018 Digital Product Creation course from Eben Pagan.

Digital U is a 90-day program where you create your own high-priced digital products and courses. As a result, you can use that product to start or grow an existing business.

And finally you learn to teach and make money from your own knowledge online.

Hope that makes sense.

Digital U is a new course by Eben Pagan

Digital U is a new course by Eben Pagan available Nov. 12th 2018

Digital U By Eben Pagan launches Nov. 12th

Also be sure to checkout my bonus offer toward the bottom if you choose to purchase this program today with me through Digital U Review.com! Otherwise I hope you get the most out of this review.

My goal is that you 100% decide, if Digital U is a good purchase for you, or not!

If Digital U is not for you…

Then just make sure to take advantage of my free internet marketing training here on Digital U Review.com, and check out my lower-priced (but high-value) #1 recommended product instead.

You can’t lose. 

Now onto the review!

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Digital U Review => Product Overview

Name: Digital U
Level(s): Newbie & Expert
Product Goal:
 Make Money Selling Your Own High-Priced Digital Product in 90 days (or get all your money back)
Product Type: Digital Marketing & Self-help (partially)
Price: $1,997.00 (excluding up-sales)
Owners: Eben Pagan
Guarantee: 90 days (see below)
Overall Rank:
9.5 out of 10 (It’s Awesome)


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Video from “How to Create a Product that Sells Itself”

This course is a 2018 reboot of Eben’s super successful Digital Product Blueprint course.

So its 100% brand new. In fact, if you buy the course around the launch date… you’ll go through the course as it’s recorded weekly or so.

As a result you’ll be live on the webinars with Eben and his team to ask questions, etc.

If that’s your kind of thing, then getting on-board with Digital U during the launch is probably for you. If you like prerecorded courses, you might want to wait or even get the Digital Product Blueprint course instead.

What is Digital U?

Digital U, like the Digital Product Blueprint course (which is still available for now here, or checkout the webinar for more info), is a 90-day boot camp designed to bring your idea for a niche product or course to reality as digital asset. That you can THEN sell during the entire life of your business, even if you are in the startup phase.

Also its great for newbies AND seasoned online marketers alike. For example, a few years ago my mentor recommended to me Eben Pagan’s products because they had radically changed his life! By the way, that mentor was making close to a million dollars a month at the time.

So I knew Eben’s products were high-quality when I was first introduced. And certainly they are really only getting better, as he revisits and updates his courses like he’s doing now with Digital U.

Both Digital Product Blueprint and Digital U are backed by a special 90-day money-back guarantee.

If you complete the entire course, and still don’t have a high-quality course. Then Eben will just give you your money back and let you keep the materials.

You’ll be discovering how to turn your passion, knowledge, and experience into an awesome products and courses that you can then turn around and sell for high prices like your favorite content creators you currently follow online.

Digital U Review Summary:

(1) 90-day product creation and marketing boot camp,

(2) Also Eben Pagan is a millionaire-maker mentor to people you probably already follow online,

(3) Then there’s a great ‘no risk’ guarantee if you are willing to go through the entire course.

The Good & The Bad

is it for you?

The Good :

  • Taught by Eben Pagan – Eben is the ‘premier’ trainer and mentor on building digital products.
  • The ‘No Risk’ Guarantee is World-Class, in Eben’s own words:

“These days the tools and templates make it so easy to take your knowledge and create a digital product, that if you don’t create it, then it’s not your fault, and you deserve your money back.”

  • Coaching is critical for speed of implementation! Therefore “Implementation Classes” give you immediate feedback, which is key in becoming your own expert super fast.

The Bad :

  • I’m not a big fan of “Live” recorded courses…

Because I don’t like to wait for the next live session. So I pinged it for that here at Digital U Review.com.

I like to plow through courses at my own pace (usually much faster than average people), so that’s a negative for me.

But there’s so much content, you’d need to work ‘more than’ full time to run out of content before they are recorded.

– Bret

  • Cost – So yes I admit it…

This course is definitely in the “High-ticket” category, which takes it out of the hand of ‘typical’ consumers of this kind of information. So the cost of this product only makes it feasible for people who already have some cash to spend on knowledge and training. If that’s not you, this might not be the right course for you. Likewise, if you can only buy this course on credit – really consider if you are ready for this course.

– Bret

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Who is Digital U For?

monkey man wants you!

First of all… like any course, you’ll only be successful if you put in the work. The expected timeline with Digital U is a full 90 days!

For some people that might seem like too much time to see a result (it’s not really), but – if you are dedicated – this can be a great course for a brand new person looking to build a business.

Current business owners:

First of all, you probably already see the great value here to grow your revenue – its great for you too.

You really only want to get this course if you are interested in building your own product to sell online.

That might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how much money I’ve spent on courses I either hardly ever used OR never used…

– Bret

If building your own product or course has never really interested you…

…This course won’t MAKE you interested.

If you are just more generally interested in making money online, you probably want to start with something that focuses more on marketing and selling other people’s products.

So Instead why don’t you see if you’d rather checkout my free training, or my #1 recommended internet marketing product below:

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If you KNOW you want to build your own info product for maximum profitability…

Digital U is Right Choice for You. 

You probably can’t find anything better because it’s really that Great! Leave a comment below if you know of a better course!

– Bret



What is Digital U all about (Tools & Training)?

Eben Pagan Digital U

Digital U takes the best of Eben Pagan’s YEARS of experience building successful multi-million dollar products.

It will help you:

(1) first find your niche

(2) then produce your own digital info product asset

(3) and create and scale your marketing and sales funnels

(4) finally launch your new business! And it’s all combined into one brand-new 2018 course.

This course is perfect for newbies and experienced online marketers alike…

interested in creating your very first digital product – you’ll be learning it ALL – including:

  • Creating your product from scratch (most get stuck here)
  • Packaging and visuals
  • Marketing (which is where most are AFRAID of getting stuck)
  • Getting TRAFFIC
  • Getting CUSTOMERS
  • Building long-term high-converting ‘evergreen’ sales funnels!
  • And TONS more…

Basically, the Digital U mastery training is made of these elements:

  1. Live Training with Eben Pagan
  2. An Industry Award-Winning member’s area packed with additional TOP Courses as a ‘free’ Bonuses (elements of the Wake Up Productive Program alone have radically changed my life)
  3. LIVE help through Q&A Sessions (Take-Action Classes) where you can ask questions and get immediate feedback.

This is a “Step-by-Step” digital product mastery course.

Think of it as your own plug & play online product generator, but catered to your own knowledge and experience – which equals a high-quality, in-demand products that your customers can ONLY get from you.


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Digital U Review Exclusive – The Member’s Area (what you’ll find):

Digital U Course Work and Program

The Digital U System

You’ll get the exact step-by-step system help you build and market your product, 12 exercises and tools in total.

So that’s six tools focused on building the actually product from your own valuable knowledge – quickly and effectively. Even more you can get started right away after you register, and start building your product immediately.

And six more tools will help you build an evergreen marketing system to keep selling your product for years to come – so, I’m saying… this is where you get traffic and high-paying customers.

Live Coaching Classes

You’ll also get 6 live Coaching Classes with Eben. Here you learn to implement everything in an online class setting. Modules are every 2 weeks, and typically last 90 minutes long giving you the chance to ask questions and get immediate feedback!

The classes go from install of the techniques to marketing, launch, and follow-up system to get your business up and running right.

Module 1: Orientation Fast Start

  • Learn How to Profit with the Entire System
  • Make it Simple by understanding the entire process
  • Learn Easy Mindset Hacks from Eben on how to succeed with your new product/course
  • Have Lots of Fun starting your entrepreneur journey hand-in-hand with Eben
  • Get the Most out of the Next 90 Days that will propel your new venture into a profitable future

Module 2: Targeting Your Niche

  • Never waste your hard-earned money on unprofitable ideas again…
  • Find the Best Possible Niche for you (IE. YOUR “sweet spot”) where you’ll make the most money
  • Learn to Make it Simply Sell Itself and become an industry leader in the process!
  • Get the Most Cash by “niching down” to capture your own red-hot customer base
  • Eliminate the Competition by making your product an extension of you – so it can’t be duplicated or stolen
  • Get Maximum Profitability by understanding your ideal customer
  • Don’t Get Ignored by designing products and marketing campaigns that REALLY work

Module 3: Creating Your Product

  • Learn to Make Money with High Quality Products Your Customers Will Love
  • Make the Buying Process Quick, Easy, and Fun with 7 powerful knowledge frameworks
  • Get the Highest Price Possible for your products with advanced strategies and techniques
  • Never be Scared to get a premium price for all your products
  • Increase Your Product’s Value by giving it the right name (many customers will judge your product on this basis alone!)

Module 4: Building Your Marketing

  • Get New Customers Using a Proven Fast-Start Crash Course
  • Feel Good with Honest Promotion by learning Education based Marketing (forget about dishonesty or unethical sales tactics)
  • Get More Sales with proven marketing templates – just fill in the blanks
  • Win at the Game of Marketing with Eben’s help to simplify the complex world of marketing
  • Create Your Biggest Asset with your own story and experiences

Module 5: Launching Your Product

  • Generate Hordes of Traffic with counter-intuitive techniques
  • Eben Shows You Exactly what he has used to do every launch he’s ever done
  • Get Others to Sell Your Product for you, and get them excited in the process
  • Get an Irresistible Product Offer that makes it easy for your customer to say “YES” during your launch

Module 6: Email Mastery

  • Make Email Writing fun, easy, and FAST with a few simple tips and tricks
  • Convert Your Leads into buyers with the best email follow up sequence ever
  • Know Exactly How to Write Emails with Eben’s highest converting email templates
  • Provide REAL Value to your customers so they are most interested in buying your products and course


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Digital U Support 

Again, in the live classes you will get lots of support. Eben Pagan is an established brand at this point.

Also you can expect top email support from his customer service staff. So if you have any issues with any of the course material, feel confident that you can reach out and get the help you need.

Digital U Price $$$

This is going to be a HUGE sticking point for a lot of people.

Certainly $2000, might be a hard pill to swallow for a lot of people getting started. Again though, if you are serious about building your own product, this shouldn’t stop you as the 90-day money back guarantee makes this really a super low risk course to take.

90 days money back guaranteed

Most products I’ve seen online have a MAX of a 30-day guarantee. Its very rare that a content provider will allow you to go through the ENTIRE course and still get your money back.

Haha, that’s almost unfair, like stealing it from him – but Eben happily invites you to try Digital U with zero risk in this way.

Also if $1997 is just not feasible for you, there is a 6 payment plan of $397 per month payment option.

But (at least during the launch) you’ll receive bonus training material if you are able to pay all at once.

So you’ll need to go through the purchase process here to find out for sure.


Get Started Now & Claim My Epic Bonuses!


What Do Students Say About Eben Pagan?

Christian Mickelsen said about Eben:

“When I started doing digital products everything in my business upleveled. It is the most leveraged thing you can do, because there is no limit to how many people you can put into a digital product.”

Andy Jenkins says about Mr. Eben Pagan:

“When I realized people put a great deal of value on transformative information, it was a huge mental shift for me. Because I realized you go from selling a widget that is maybe helping people in the moment, to then giving people value to help them transform their lives.”

Lisa Sasevich about Eben Pagan:

“It’s hard to put words to how much both my business and my lifestyle has changed from the success that my team, my company, and I now enjoy from having digital products in our business. Having the reach they give us… and the income!”

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Digital U Review – Final Opinion

It's good!


I’ve implemented tons of Personal Development and Internet Marketing products over the years.

Certainly Eben’s courses are by far some of the BEST out there. Likewise, I’ve heard multi-million dollar earners drop his name on numerous occasions. Once you hear about him, it’s really hard to ignore him.

You REALLY can’t go wrong with any Eben Pagan course, so if you are in the market for a higher end training course.

Because this is a new product, which has yet to be recorded and released, I had to connect with someone on Eben’s team to get some insider information about the course. So if you missed it above, this is a reboot launch of the top selling Digital Product Blueprint course fully updated for 2018 and beyond.

You can expect better quality, and critical updates so you know it will work in TODAY’s market. You could definitely still purchase Digital Product Blueprint, instead of Digital U – but expect some dated material. And it’s the price point is the same, so you’ll probably be better off getting the latest and greatest with Digital U instead.

Eben’s courses are great for newbies, AND great for experts

So Digital U is no different. It will NOT disappoint.

Important: I don’t know yet if Eben will be taking on more students after the cart closes Nov 15th for the 2018 launch. So I’m saying, if you are interested, you might want to jump on immediately – there’s no telling when or if the course will be open to new students after the launch.

Digital U at a Glance…

Name: Digital U
Level(s): Newbie & Expert
Product Type: Make Money Selling Your Own High-Priced Digital Product in 90 days (or get all your money back)
Price: $1,997.00 (excluding up-sales)
Owners: Eben Pagan
Guarantee: 90 days (see below)
Overall Rank:
9.5 out of 10 (It’s Awesome)



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My Digital U Review Sign-Up Bonus

Everything listed below is FREE TODAY when you purchase Digital U!

If it’s listed below, its absolutely FREE TODAY when you purchase Digital U through my link here!

monkey guy thumbs up

Again, this is what you’ll get if you chose to purchase Digital U through my affiliate link here.

Bonus 1: My ‘Page One Power’ Formula ($1500 Value) 


How To Earn $350 A-Day Quick Start Method!

(Free Access To The Beta Test)

This is a very special bonus, which is near and dear to me here at Digital U Review.com!

After doing a Digital U review (via Digital Product Blueprint course materials), I decided that I should launch my own product.

So I’m bringing together my ‘best’ strategy for making money online for this last bonus.

In the course, Eben actually challenged me to give away my BEST technique for free for my Digital U Review.com readers…

But before I do that, I want those of you who chose to purchase Digital U through Digital U Review.com to get the ‘goods’ first. Enjoy!

Bonus 2: Connect Personally With Me ($1500 Value)

Through Our Private Marketing Community

(no it’s not a cheesy Facebook group)

So I’ll be available to you as a ‘free’ resource to talk about your product ideas and your chosen niche.

Plus you’ll get access to hundreds of other entrepreneurs building their own businesses and products online… Some might even be available to market your Digital U product after your 90-day session.

Again, I’ll be available to help coach you through your whole 90-day process, including reviewing your full product and marketing campaign once you’ve completed it.

I only personally connect with students exclusively as a bonus. I’m not available for paid consultations.

Ask me there for my personal email/text connection, if you’d rather.

Bonus 3: Digital U Review.com Success System ($497 Value)

Get Instant ‘Free’ Access to #1 Recommended Marketing Platform

So this is a ‘free’ account on one of the most advanced technology and training platforms ever – created by my business partners Kyle and Carson. I’ve come to know, love, and fully trust this platform – it’s taught me how to finally break free and start building my own successful business online.

With this platform you can literally get free website hosting (I’m dead serious here…) and push button website installs for 2 of the products you build with your Digital U training. Which can take a significant tech edge off the getting you setup for marketing your new Digital U product!

You’ll also get ‘evergreen’ marketing training as video tutorials for creating traffic and customers ‘for life’. In other words, you’ll literally never run out of customers when you put these techniques into practice.

Plus – depending on your niche – you’ll get access my same super lucrative affiliate program I’m giving away in this bonus.

FINALLY- we are talking REAL value here, not some no-value trash you might see others trying to give away as a bonus.

Bonus 4: Time Management For Marketers ($297 Value)

  • Do You Spend Your Time on the Right Stuff?
  • Learn the ONE thing that is KILLING your ability to get the MOST important stuff done…
  • Guru Tips

Bonus 5: Drive Traffic With Facebook ($857 Value)

  • How I Drive Traffic With Facebook

Bonus 6: Drive Traffic With SEO ($157 Value) 

  • How I Drive Traffic With SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Bonus 7: Drive Traffic With Content ($549 Value) 

  • How I Drive Traffic With Content

Bonus 8: Convert Sales With Email ($607 Value) 

  • How I Convert Sales With Email

Bonus 9: Convert Sales With Copywriting ($179 Value)

  • How I Convert Sales With Copywriting

Bonus 10: Digital U Review.com “Cheat Sheet” Resources ($2500+ Value)

For All the Bonus Topics Above…


Get Started Now & Claim My Epic Bonuses!


Follow the steps below to claim your FREE bonus pack!

1. First close down the Digital U website (purchase website), if you have it open in your browser, and then clear the cookies in your browser. Click here for a tutorial on how to do this. (or Google a newer one)  This is Incredibly Important: If you don’t do the above, I might not be credited with the sale – and unfortunately you’ll miss out on my bonuses above…

2. Then click on the link below to re-open the Digital U website and make your purchase!


Click Here to Purchase Digital U


3. Next send me a copy of your order number or receipt (which will be sent to the email address you entered when purchasing) to bonus@digitalureview.com so I can verify your purchase.


4. Finally I’ll respond to your email asap and instantly send you the download link to your FREE bonuses.

NOTE: I normally reply very quickly, but please allow me some time in case I’m very busy, and also check your junk folder for my reply – sometimes Digital U Review.com emails can get lost in there.


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Still have questions?

Leave your questions or comments below and I’ll make sure to answer them here.

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Founder of Digital U Review.com

  1. Digital U – Before today I had no idea about it. But after reading this article which clearly stated what is Digital U, who is eligible for doing it and what can you get in return.

     I’m happy that I came through this article because I have been looking to do something like this and looks like this might be my dad for starting it. I really appreciate you for writing this article. The price doesn’t looks expensive either. 

    Just one question how long does it takes to get any kind of revenue?

    • Hey Sujandar!

      It really matters how much time you have to devote to the course, and how much you choose to sell your products for online.

      The “guarantee” is that you’ll have your own digital course to sell after 90 days – and at that point you should know how to market it as well. If you don’t you can request a refund, but I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t because you’d probably be pretty close to making it work at that point.

      And that’s probably all working full time (40 hrs per week).

      So again – it matters how much you sell your products for and how fast you get through the material, but in general – working full time – you should expect to have something great at the end of 90 days.

      Hope that helps.

  2. julienne murekatete

    Wow,i like this Digital U product. It is giving clear skills to understand how the product is working .

    It seems that even the program is very productive but it is very expensive not anyone who can afford the price to start.

    Thank you for the review,and there are people who can afford it and benefit from it.

  3. Thank you so much for this review. I did not know that Digital U is legit and trusted but I must say that it is expensive and not so many people can afford it. I have established my online business and I will try this program because I see a big potential there.

    • Yeah Daniel – it might not be best for brand new people without a lot of funding to launch their new business online. be sure to checkout my training and #1 recommended product instead.

  4. Hello Brett, this is a very complete review, I was very intrigued in the Digital U, right now I’m not thinking about creating my own digital product but I’m sure I’ll take it into account for the future as I’m starting to create my website based on affiliate marketing. But as I told you, in the future I know which product is the best and apparently there is nothing to lose, thanks to the fact that it has 90 days of guarantee 🙂

    • Absolutely Paola!

      You can’t go wrong with Eben Pagan – definitely keep it on your radar. Also make sure to checkout my bonuses if you purchase through my link.

  5. This looks like a great course for anyone who wants to create their own digital products. 

    I find the hardest part of this process is deciding what your product will be about and after that getting down and actually doing the work .

    I can’t tell you how many times I have started the process and stopped as I lost intetrest or changed my mind. I need someone to tell me that what I am doing is on the right track. 

    • I know exactly what you mean.

      In Module 2 you actually got through an excise to help discover what your product should be – because you are exactly right – that’s where people get stuck!

  6. Hi Bret,

    Digital U sounds great. It would be awesome to learn how to make my own digital product online and in such a short time it would be amazing.

    I am using the training platform created by Kyle and Caarson and, I agree with you that, it is the most advanced technology in the online business.

    Thanks for sharing this great information.

    • Yeah Veronica – After reviewing the product I can tell you that having your own products (even smaller ones like a ‘free’ report for signing up to a list) is a really good move. You don’t have to give up affiliate marketing either, you could do them both. Its definitely worth it!

  7. The first thing that caught my eye was Price, almost $2,000 (excluding up-sales).

    That is a lot to pay of course it does help that there is a 90 day money back guarantee.I like your overview of the product.90 days might seem like a long time to see results but it is really a short period of time to get up and running with your own online products.  To see results with anything online you do have to take action and implement the steps you learn or you will not get results no matter how good the product or mentor.

  8. Great Post Bret! You have given Digital U a very high ratings so I was very interested to read the full review. The price is a bit steep for me, but If your mentor who was netting so much money used it, I believe this is definitely worth a try. I think that it will be worth the initial investment as it is for your business.

    I think opportunities like these are brilliant and I will definitely book mark this page!

    • Thanks Renton!

      Just to be clear, Digital U is a NEW product.

      My mentor was actually telling me about Eben’s “Wake Up Productive” course. I’m reviewing Digital U right now (watch out for my membership area video coming out soon), and you ACTUALLY get access to “Wake Up Productive” WITH your purchase of Digital U!

      They are integrated, so part of Eben’s strategy is to teach you to become x2 more productive as you build your profitable business through your new high-priced digital product.

      I’m seriously so impressed by this course material (and I’m looking at that out-dated version)!

  9. Great post and good info.

    This looks like a very good program, I’m stick with Wealthy Affiliate however, and even when the trainings at Digital U can be wonderful, those at WA are also, they brought me a lot of education, and in the end, I become a better marketeer.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing it with us!

  10. This course may be good, but no course online that regurgitates much of what you can already find out for under $100 is worth 2 grand.

    I hate places that put fancy pics of products that aren’t real, but are instead digital.

    I don’t mean to rip this apart at all, but the cost is over the top and can easily take advantage of those who pay this instead of putting dinner on the table looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow.

    • I hear you Stew.

      That’s why in my video review I mention that its a great course “if you have the money for it”.

      Because the truth is if you are just looking to make money online, you can start way cheaper.

      Or if you don’t have cash for the course OR you aren’t 100% sure you want to create a digital product… Its probably not for you.

      That said, if you know for sure you want to create a digital product – it honestly would take a whole ton of effort to compile all the information that I was seeing in that course yourself. Plus some of it is proprietary to Pagan himself.

      But hey man! You are entitled to your opinion. Appreciate the comment!

  11. Hi Bret,

    You have put together an incredible resource for anyone looking for Eben Pagan’s program.

    I have seen many of Eben’s trainings before and he is excellent.

    You clearly explain every part of the program and I think that the bonuses you have included are really excellent.

    Sadly it is out of my price range…

    I found your site as I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate


    • That’s cool Tim! I agree with you. Price is a big sticking point with this training.

      Its worth it, if you have the cash, if not – you probably are not at the right place to make the most of this product.

  12. Hey Bret, nice post. A few things though. One, is that course really $2,000 dollars and if it is then I guess it makes sense that it does; Digital U is something I’ve never heard of but it sounds like it is complete legit and nor, I’m going to do more research on it and maybe I can add it to my repretoire

  13. Sounds like great training for those looking to create and sale digital products. I agree that it might be a little pricey to start out, especially if there are still more upsells. I have created some digital products on my own, an ebook, to give customers on my website. Is this training useful for that aw well?

    I appreciate all the detailed information in your review. Have you done the course and created digital products from it?

    Is this just for creating ebooks and training courses, or will it also show how to do videos and you tube videos?

    Since I am currently focused on affiliate marketing, this is probably not for me just yet, but would make sense later.

    Thanks for this great information.

    • To answer your questions Curtis:

      1) This training is useful for ANY digital product including: courses, ebooks, membership sites, PDF downloads, video training… you name it!

      Watch my new video review, that might answer some more of your questions.

      2) I have only reviewed the first 3 weeks of each module (of 12) and a few more of the Marketing Step-By-Step at this point.

      Originally I had no intention of building my own products, but after reviewing the course I’m 100% on-board with building my own products – and actually excited about it. It really helps builds your confidence that you CAN, and that you SHOULD.

      3) Again, the information is useful for any digital product from written training content to video training content. Plus it is itself an amazing example of “how to create a digital product”

  14. Digital U…….. i am still reading your review. Do you really men if your are unable to sell your products after 90 days , there is going to be money back? i have seen a lot of schemes that promises haven and earth but on the long run turns out to be scam, but i am going to count on you for this.

    that is saying you are damn sure its safe and secure for both newbies and experts.

    Its worth a trial

    • Actually the guarantee is a little different.

      If you do all the ‘homework’ over the 90 days and by the end of it you still don’t have a product, you can get a refund. I suppose if you build a product that doesn’t sell Eben might still honor that, but again – you have to prove that you’ve done all the ‘homework’ that got you to that point.

  15. I can say this that this looks like a really good opportunity if you want to learn how to build your own product and sell your own. I see it as like you mentioned if you are interested in building your own product and sell it then this is a good program for you if not then go for your other program. 

    What is good about this review is that you promote the digital U program but also if someone isn’t interested then they can go and get into another program that is probably a better fit for them. It is always good to have options out there you know?

    This program is a little pricey but to be honest I have always believed is that if something will benefit you in the long run then price shouldn’t really matter you know? I can see the benefit in this program since not all programs are for everyone also someone may not be in the business to build their own product now but you never know maybe in the future you will.

    Back to price if you really look at it we spend that amount of money we spend on things that really don’t benefit us if that makes sense? Plus look at going to college I would rather spend a few grad on a course that would help me build my online business then spend tens of thousands on college that may not even get me anywhere or even a job you know?

    I appreciate this review because I may not need this program right now but I know soon I will need something like this to help me build my own product it is another steam of income that I can leverage and help others.

    Thanks for the information on Digital U I hope the best for you 


    • Absolutely Matt.

      You are right on point. If you are interested in building your own product… $2K is a drop in the bucket compared to something like going to college to get a J.O.B. – haha.

      I know that all too well.

      But you have to be committed to doing the course. If you are committed its worth the price.

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